me_making_wai_updatedMy name is Sergey. I’m a political emigrant from Vladimir Putin’s Russia. By a twist of fate, I came to Southeast Asia in September 2012. In the following four months, I travelled to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. I decided to settle down in Pattaya, the City of Sin, located on the southeast coast of the Kingdom of Smiles (a nickname for Thailand). In October 2014 I moved to Bangkok. I don’t know how many years I have to wait before Putin’s mafia’s regime in Russia is overthrown. That’s why I have to keep myself here, in Asia, for a very long time.

Recently, I’ve started selling goods from Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries on eBay. Mostly I sell exotic leather products such as crocodile leather handbags, wallets, belts, cell-phone cases, and other accessories made from crocodile, stingray, ostrich, shark and snakeskin leather. I also accept wholesale orders of Thai health and beauty products, which are very popular in Eastern Europe. In addition, I also started investing in Asian stock markets.

I created this blog to share my Asian life experiences and the lessons I’ve learned from business, travel and my spiritual awakening. There are lots of blogs about Thailand on the Russian Internet, but, unfortunately, their content is too superficial. People write just about chilling out on the beach, local cuisine and the sights. For a tourist, that’s enough. But there is a huge difference between tourism and expatriate life. When you’re becoming an expat in Thailand, you need to gain a deep understanding of the country, local culture and traditions, Thai language and the business environment. Doing so will make your life more meaningful and interesting.

I am also proud to present to my blog readers our new start-up project:, which I hope will be a helpful service for those searching for manufacturers and suppliers in Southeast Asia.

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